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Bespoke Songs


Happy Parents

Magical Parties

We are a new and local Children's Birthday Parties team who specialise in completely live musical parties. Not only that but the birthday child chooses the songs they want and we re-write the lyrics and tie their music into a fully interactive party with loads of traditional games , dancing and story telling.

Professional Experience

Using our Royal Academy of Music and West End experience we sing and play our instruments completely live. We're not just any entertainer, we are a service that makes us that little bit different from the rest.

Not just Entertainers!

Our job is to cater for those parents who are looking to inspire their children through live music and getting them interested early on in instrumental playing and singing. We know it's important to create an environment where kids can see adults engage with music together in a silly, fun and creative way - a million miles away from lessons and exams.

Adventure Packages

Musical Extravaganza
One entirely original song written just for the Birthday Child with a surprise live premier at the party.
Kids create and perform their own pop song (with a little help from us)
Audio Live Recording of the children's performance for each of them to take home and impress their friends and family
Premiere Adventure
Two professional Musicians
Our original songs plus the ones you want with re written and personalised lyrics
Games, stories, dances and destination all tied into your bespoke theme
Adventure jam-packed into one electrifying hour
Bespoke theme
Personalised re-written songs

At every party the birthday child & their friends get a red Musical Adventurists Cape to train in.
Once its time to say goodbye each child will go home with a special Musical Adventurist Whistle!


Where can they be?

The adventure can be in a venue of your choice, be it in a hired venue, your front room or your garden!

Can parents stay?

We are delighted to see all parents and we are also delighted if they choose to have a delicious coffee down the road.

How long does the adventure last?

Typically we entertain for two hours , with a 20 minute break after one hour, for food, cake and Happy Birthday.

What age can the adventurers be?

We adapt the party to the age of the child. For those younger ones we present a manageable Adventure and for the more grown up kids we really put them through their paces. Typically we entertain between 3-9 yrs.

How many adventurers are allowed?

We prefer to keep it at 25 though we have entertained for as many as 35.

Are the adventure leaders qualified?

All Adventure Leaders are professional singers and musicians who have worked extensively with children and are DBS checked.


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